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Three Problems Restrict the Benign Development of Stone Industry in China

Time: 2017-12-08 15:54:55

Author: 上海坚睿实业有限公司


According to customs statistics, in January this year, Fujian Province exported 448,000 tons of granite materials and products (hereinafter referred to as "stone"), an increase of 21.1% over the same

According to customs statistics, in January this year, Fujian Province exported 448,000 tons of granite materials and products (hereinafter referred to as "stone"), an increase of 21.1% over the same period of last year (the same below); a value of 170 million US dollars, an increase of 23.3%; and an average export price of 369.6 US dollars per ton, a slight increase of 1.8%.

According to the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Stone Chamber of Commerce, China's output of stone raw materials has reached the world's first, processing capacity is the world's first, foreign trade exports the world's first. The overall development situation of China's stone industry is getting better, but the following three major problems still restrict the sound development of the stone industry:

One is the lack of industry guidance and coordination. In the current structure of stone export trade, waste export accounts for less than 10%, which indicates that China's export structure of stone is heading for optimization. However, in the historical process of industrial development, most domestic export enterprises adopt extensive competition and do their own thing. They expand their foreign trade by means of price, quantity and preferential terms, which leads to low-price competition, resulting in an increase in export volume, a decrease in economic benefits and a "bumper harvest" phenomenon.

Second, the lack of brand awareness. For a long time, China's export processing industry has maintained primary processing and OEM processing, lacking independent high-end brands. International consumers'perception of Chinese stone remains in the old impression of low price and general quality. At present, China's stone industry structure has entered the "multi-stone" era from the "three-stone" era. The stone industry has developed into a comprehensive and diversified industry integrating granite, marble, artificial stone, stone carving, garden stone, cultural stone, stone machinery, abrasives and diamond machinery. Only by strengthening the brand awareness of the whole stone industry and adapting to the brand demand of the market, can the whole industry develop healthily and continuously, and also can it cope with the increasingly severe market competition situation.

Third, carbon footprint or new constraints. In order to reduce the initial investment, some stone enterprises mostly adopt the original operation mode of "enlarging gun and digging foot". A large number of blown-up stone can not be used for processing specifications plate, but can only be used as industrial filler-superfine heavy calcium powder production raw material, or simply discarded, which makes the utilization ratio of stone only a few percent, the waste of resources is huge, extensive processing. As a result, stone resources and ecological environment have been seriously damaged. In recent years, the International Standard Organization (ISO14067) is actively formulating the product carbon footprint standard. More than 10 countries, such as Germany, Britain, France, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, have developed a carbon labeling system, which requires enterprises to provide carbon emissions throughout the product life cycle. Stone products without carbon label may be difficult to enter the above-mentioned national market. Carbon footprint standards may become new trade barriers for developed countries to products from developing countries.

To this end, the following suggestions are made: First, relevant departments and trade associations should strengthen the guidance and coordination of stone enterprises, reasonably guide enterprises to carry out orderly mining, processing and marketing of stone resources, and prevent the adverse effects of disorderly competition on the whole industry. Second, enterprises should seek market for their own development, strengthen their own management, establish the awareness of stone brand and high-end, develop new technology and technology through scientific and technological innovation, develop personalized products and high value-added products, and create well-known brands and famous enterprises. Third, we should further change the way of stone production, strengthen the management of mining, implement environmentally friendly and step-by-step mining, ban non-environmentally friendly and small-workshop predatory mining and processing, study carbon labeling system in advance, actively prepare for it, and seize the first opportunity after the formal introduction of international standards.

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